These postcards are very nice!


i finally finished my postcards for the postmarkdart group

i joined 2 groups –

no theme no theme postcards, front - rita summers and doors …doors postcards, front - rita summersall i had to do was add the backings and it took me ages to get around to it

just to briefly explain my process – before stitching the front of each postcard i added fusible pellon for softness and depth

then i reinforced some hand-dyed fabric with thin card (from a used manilla folder) for the backs, using fusible webno theme, front and back 2- rita summersno theme, front and back - rita summersi then did a machined zig zag stitch around the edges 3 times to hold the front and back togetherno theme postcard - rita summersfor a neat finish, i straight stitched all around the postcard again, just inside the zig zag stitching

now to find my permanent pen to write the addresses on them …

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