Anne Lindberg Thread Drawing

Anne Lindberg

Anne Lindberg

Here is a work by a former classmate of mine. We both accomplished our undergraduate work at Miami University under the tutelage of such esteemed artists as Susan Kristoferson, Robert Wolfe, and Rocio Rodriguez.
Anne’s portfolio is vast. I picked this work but look forward to featuring many more. This is her website

thread drawing 16
rayon thread
31 by 28 inches

I love Noro yarn


I have made this scarf or a variation thereof several times. I love Noro yarns. They are almost too luscious to knit with. I have to look at them for a long time before I start to knit. If you are not familiar with Noro, the yarn changes through a variety of colors. The scarf in the picture is knitted with two strands of yarn, switching between the two every two rows. This way you get one strand changing color one way and the other changing in a different direction. Eisaku Noro is the man behind the yarns. 

My ETSY shop

I am still creating hand dyed clothes with tie-dyed appliques for adults and children.

Here is a shirt for sale at my etsy store.

.truck tee shirt

It is a style I keep getting more orders for. (oops, ended the sentence with a preposition. Couldn’t figure out how to do it otherwise). Recently a father told me he was cleaning out his sons drawer and the boy was upset he had outgrown his truck tee. Now I have an order to make a new one for him in a bigger size!

Welcome to my blog

Flesh Spot

I am still trying to figure this whole blog-thing out.

Soon I will have fascinating information for you right here on my very own blog. For starters I am featuring a piece by fiber artist Emily Baretta. Her work is organic, labor intensive, and an inspiration to me.

What to expect from me in the future?

Art lesson ideas

knitting ideas

crochet ideas

great art, especially in the fiber world

early childhood education information

great food, especially plant based

see you soon, Carol